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An adjective used to signal disinterest, lack of regard or care
Guy1:You're going to fail your University Degree.

Guy2: Pleh


I lost my job...Pleh
by Dewbie August 24, 2005
66 29
A term used to express exasperation or distress. Help spelled backwards
I have to wait 45 minutes to get a table at this restaurant? OH PLEH!!!
by Gern Blintzen March 14, 2003
44 32
help backwards. defined originally in the popular TV show friends. by joey, suprise suprise
I know, I'll write help backwards in the snow so the helicopters will be able to see it and rescue us!
by bigandy August 03, 2004
42 31
A word you use when you don't really feel like telling someone how you feel.
Random Dude: How are you feeling?
Another Random Dude: ...Pleh.
by OtakuBunny July 09, 2011
1 4
instead of "play" you say "pleh"

dude01: lets go pleh some halo 3!

awesomeguy111:totally i'm gonna own u!
by Ms. Crunch December 21, 2008
14 18
Used for epic fails, along with digging holes.
1.Thats bad friendmanship! PLEH
2.Your good at Plehing.
by HeartAttackPainicBomb. September 23, 2009
6 11
A word often used by secret midgets, reffering to their homosexual partner. Comes with a handmovement of the wrist.
Secret midgets say 'pleh'.
"I was with my pleh, she is so phitt' - said Secret Midget Lauren
"My girl pleh is beautiful and sexy" - said Secret Midget Kate
by Guns don't kill people October 24, 2010
3 11