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Euphemism for participating in an orgy.

Balls racked together at the center of the table. One ball is sent shooting straight into the crowd, inciting a frenetic scramble in which said pool balls ricochet off of each other and enter the holes at the edge of the pool table indiscriminately.
Guy 1: So do you want to play baseball? I'm up for both pitching or catching, if you get my drift.

Guy 2: Nah, I'm more into playing pool.

Guy: Huh. Never knew you were into bacchanalia.
by aegiswindstorm December 03, 2012
When a girl is on some guys nuts; kissing his balls and playing with his stick.
Tony: Dude did you see Stephanie last night? She was totally playing pool with like three guys last night

Joseph: Typical
by supasupasmall February 27, 2011