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Euphemism for participating in an orgy.

Balls racked together at the center of the table. One ball is sent shooting straight into the crowd, inciting a frenetic scramble in which said pool balls ricochet off of each other and enter the holes at the edge of the pool table indiscriminately.
Guy 1: So do you want to play baseball? I'm up for both pitching or catching, if you get my drift.

Guy 2: Nah, I'm more into playing pool.

Guy: Huh. Never knew you were into bacchanalia.
by aegiswindstorm December 03, 2012
A portmanteau of "data" and "aesthetics", meaning:
A set of principles concerned with the nature and appreciation of the beauty of visual arrangements of data, e.g flowcharts, infographics, and other data visualization media.
Living in the Information Age, where vast quantities of information are being researched, archived, and shared at every second, dataesthetics must be established to ensure that information is displayed beautifully, intuitively and efficiently.
by aegiswindstorm November 12, 2011

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