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5 definitions by DeLiCiOuS

Drunken game; the confidence that causes you to hit on girls because you have just finsihed a fifth of gin, despite the fact that you can't form a coherent sentence and may or may not have wet yourself.
Man, that Adam is one pathetic drunk, but he has sure got the sasso juice.
by Delicious April 03, 2005
13 0
1. An exclamation that exhibits surprise or disbelief, esp. upon witnessing a pantless Greg Sasso
Holy Sasso that is a healthy lookin wang you have!
by Delicious April 03, 2005
13 6
when someone puts their hand in a guys pocket and plays with their cock
i put my hand in jonny's pocket and played with his POOL STICK
by DeLiCiOuS January 03, 2004
19 13
to be harassed and insulted, esp. if the remarks are founded upon the unbearable ugliness of the receiving party
Dude 1: Man, all the girls were making fun of Greg Sasso's ugly face last night.

Dude 2: Yea, he was gettin sassed on from the moment he entered the door to the moment his grape-jelly-and-cat-urine-covered body was thrown off the balcony and into the prickerbushes two stories below.

Dude 1: Man, I feel bad for that poor kid.

Dude 2: Nah he deserved it, he was frickin REEAAALLL ugly.
by Delicious April 04, 2005
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Doylestown is a place where suburban kids think they know what the real world is like, but are really a bunch of rich bitches. They smoke and drink yes, have fun, have intercourse. most parents are alcoholics and hang out at a local night spought the freight house.
" We are the BCB! we hard!"
by delicious March 03, 2005
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