An object or action that is the epitome of cool, normally replacing a word like cool, chill, fly, or rasta if something is unordanarily cool. One does not refer to one self as "plant" but rather is refered to or referes to others or objects as such. In present past and future tense the word "plant" is said the same. It was popularized be Timmy Rabenberg.
1. your shoes are plant.

2. wow, this stuff is plant.

3. fucking plant man.
by mc word smith August 30, 2011
to bury somebody after death
I will keep drinking until they plant me.
by buzdelabuz April 01, 2010
uterus (pear-shaped muscular organ of gestation located
in the pelvis).
We're watering our Plant.
by Jim Ference November 04, 2007
v. to have sexual intercourse
"i'm gonna plant a bitch!"
by meh is cool... November 25, 2006
When 2 males around the same height, skin tone, and wearing the same cloths (normaly boxers & white Beatter) plan to bang a bitch in the same room. One starts by banging the girl leaves and the other comes in. Girl believes it's the same guy in the dark. The "T" stand 4 twin cause the two guys look alike.
My and B hit a plan T on that bitch!
by J-Dunnn July 20, 2006
orgy or orgiastic activity
We're Watering Our Plants WithOut Pants (wopwop).
by Jim Ference November 04, 2007
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