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7 definitions by Shuffle

A book written entirely about the evils of nuclear weaponry. From massive carp to flying rocks and glowing puke, the author masterfully paints a picture of how nuking shit makes the world a more religious place. With any luck she's already dead anyway.
Bless Me Ultima is a book commonly associated with advanced high school english classes and various forms of cancer.
by Shuffle September 13, 2005
1: V. To place incriminating evidence in a place likely to be found by the authorities.

2: N. A green organism, often leafy, popular for its ability to turn poisonous gasses into the popular hallucinagen, oxygen. These blobs of cells are well known for causing rashes, indegestion, death, and putting holes through the feet of unwary hikers. They are to be watched carefully for signs of rebellion.
Wanting to break my coke addiction and put an innocent man in jail for shits and giggles, I decided to plant seventeen kilos of my stash in in a stranger's house and call the police from a payphone.
by Shuffle September 13, 2005
1: A small town attatched to Colorado Springs, Colorado. Just as a dung beetle must still have an asshole, so must the home of James Dobson and Focus on the Family have a place to dump their trash.

2: Adj. The concept of safety, as one might feel when inside of a bulldozer demolishing government buildings, or when hiding beneath a tractor-trailor from police officers.

3: N. The organization devoted to finding undesirables on the property of a private organization. These persons are also referred to as "rent-a-cops" and "those guys with the flashlights oh man hide the stash oh man oh man I'm so high oh man look at the lights oh... hey who are those guys" in general conversation.

4: A part of someone's financial portfolio.
Security! Escort these hooligans from my property. With a taser.
by Shuffle September 13, 2005
A hip action that consists of traveling atop an inflatable ball in a "walking" motion. Made famous by n'sync's appearance on 'The Simpsons'.
Everybody ball-walk!
by Shuffle October 28, 2003
1: "Wearing only a thong." This phrase is most often associated with European beaches and bachelor parties, but has been seen in such creative places as senate campaigns and spicy games of billiards.

2: A drunken slur of the word "goat" often spoaken between punches in the mouth. Although it's not entirely sure why drunk people so often call themselves goats, research continues daily on the subject.
*Biff* owwwww... I w.o.a.t. *whack*
by Shuffle September 13, 2005
The new "LOL". LARFMATO is actually a part of the new language created by AIM, with no actual basis in any language currently spoken. Meant to show amusement, "larfmato" can be used with or without caps in the same place as "lol" "rofl" or "lmao" with much greater results.
LARFMATO! I don't believe he managed to snort the entire marker into his sinus!
by Shuffle September 13, 2005
A phrase used by womanizing bastards the world over, meaning "we only oggle tits." Was vastly popular in the late eighties and early nineties on the west coast, and was once found as the slogan for a nightclub catering to lesbians. This has been the cause of roughly 35 suspentions over the course of the years, with teachers and parents banning the obscenity from school pictures.
Duuuude, w.O.O.t. that Mr. H!
by Shuffle September 13, 2005