Yet another word that means "marijuana"
It's Friday, time to buy a bag of sticky plant and blaze the night away!
by BigSoyYoBoy October 16, 2010
1: an organism of varying colors, may or may not have blossoms or bear fruit, has different ways to germinate or reproduce, usually by pollination by bees or birds.

2. someone who is paid to sit in a comedy show and laugh at every joke the comedian says, prompting others to laugh
1. You see that plant? that's Catnip, it's crack for cats!

2. That guy next to me, the one who keeps laughing, yeah, I think he's a plant.
by GamerGirlMGS May 09, 2009
A person put in place(hence 'Plant') to divert things. Plants are used to divert movements, plans, plots, or whatever an opposing force wants to stop. Using a plant is a clever way of destroying an opposing movment without seeming suspicious or have to get you hands dirty. Sometimes plants are sent my one group to an enemy group to act as if he/she is part of the enemy group and try to gain influence just to mess the group up, or make them look bad. If democrats wanted to make republicans bad, they could use a plant that fakes like a republican and tries to make republicans look bad, and in turn make the democrats look better, even though the plant is playing a part prompted by the democrats. Or say if you playing a competitive game, and the opposite team sends in a plant to your team, acting as a friend, but he/she is really there to mess your team up and divert it so that the other team(who placed the plant) wins.
Figures that Jason was a plant, it seemed as if his whole point was to disband our protest from the beginning.
by RolphSemensDickOvensUWIDI February 29, 2012
In a video game, a player the enemy placed on your team to intentionally play bad and throw the game in their favor.
Yeah, he's a plant..
by Phyt April 27, 2011
One quarter (1/4) of a foot (12 inches). 1 Plants = 3 inches.
Over the weekend it it dumped a Plants of rain.

The average male penis is two Plants.
by Johnny Utah 4 Prez February 17, 2013
A term referring to an asexual or celibate person, particularly in a derogatory context, derived from the asexual reproduction methods of plants.
Person 1: Oliver, why did you refuse to speak to your partner for the whole lesson?

Person 2: Because he fancies her...

Person 3: interjection Don't be ridiculous! Oliver's incapable of fancying anyone, he's a plant!
by FactFinder May 04, 2014
Easily the best kingdom on Earth.
When humans fail God, the plants will take over.
by Gulstab April 20, 2008
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