a city off of Dallas with a well known school district where they give you so much homework and other school stuff that it's like a concentration camp. it can be separated into 3 areas: West, Central, and East. the stereotypic west planoite is a rich snobby person when in real life they are just a bunch of druggies and alcoholics who have rich or upper middle class parents. on the east side the stereotypic planoite is a gang banger when they're just the lower middle class and down. in the central area they are just the normal people who are in the middle class. so basically how it works is the east kids don't like the west kids because they think they're all rich and the west kids don't like the east kids cause they think they're all gang bangers that are going to end up killing them and the central kids are just kinda stuck in the middle of the fight.
i have to live in plano.
by StuckInPlanoFor18Years October 20, 2009
As has been said, there are several parts to plano:
West: Filled with smart gpa whorin asians and rich whites.
Central: Diverse, older part of Plano, cool place.
East: The "ghetto" part of plano (btw thats some bull)

I have lived in Plano and now live in Peoria, IL and parts of peoria are REAL ghetto. East Plano is like KKK headquarters compared to peoria. East Plano aint no ghetto. Also, it aint no heroin capital nemore, but steroids...thats another story.
Those gpa whoring azns that live in plano don't know shit. they think east plano is a ghetto.
by big "fuckin a" red December 12, 2006
A little-known city in Texas that is close to Dallas. It is the 9th-largest city in Texas and the 70th-largest in the United States. It is unique in that it is home to the headquarters of many major corporations including JCPenney, Frito-Lay, Cinemark, Dr. Pepper Snapple Group, Rent-A-Center, and Pizza Hut.
Plano is an awesome city.
by Hmail May 27, 2012
A city in the DFW Area, right outside of Dallas. The rumors of Plano being a rich city full of BMW's and white people living in big ass mansions. Their wrong. Plano is divided in three parts. East, Central, and east.

East: The Ghetto side of Plano. West stereotypes them as gang bangers who smoke drugs in front of the police who does no shit about it. Not so true. They might live in the ghetto but it doesn't mean that that happens since many people have graduated and gone to college becoming doctors and shit.

West: The modern side of Plano. East stereotypes them as snobby rich asswholes that smoke shit in the bathrooms and have mansions with 15 BMW's and ferraris in their houses. Even though the Willow Bend has mansions and Shepton and Plano West Senior High School are right in front of it. Doesn't mean its like that. There are many lower class people in plano, not because the go to Shepton, Jasper, and Plano West, means that they are automatically rich. I speak from experience.

Central: Central Plano is where Plano Senior is at. (Btw good job at woopin our ass yesterday at the football game... 19-0...) (11/1/2012) They are like the only normal people in plano. With mixture of East and West in it. Plano Senior is just stuck in between the shitty ass fights with Plano West and Plano East.
Plano West: We are playing against those gang bangers of Plano East... Hah.. They can't do anything but smoke and drop out of school.

Plano East: We are playing against those rich smartass Plano West... Trying to act like they have all that shit...

Plano Senior: Wtf is with those fucking assholes... we are the same fuckin city...
by Wolves of the West! November 02, 2012
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