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6 definitions by anonyMOOSE

Place you want to complain about when you have no life, home, or friends.
I'm going to bash Plano because I'm a puss who will have no rammifications for what I say on the internet!
by anonyMOOSE November 03, 2004
just when this was getting interesting

Derived from an instant messanger conversation where AOL managed to drop "st when this was getting in" from the phrase in transmission, and confusing the bejezes out of both people in the conversation.
As much as I hate to interrupt you juteresting, I think I have to go
by Anonymoose October 12, 2004
n. When a female shows a group of men her cheer, which includes a jump, and the men, resulting from the tits shaking in midair, become slightly aroused.
Ohhh man, did you see The Jiggle earlier? Dude, Brittany's tits were jumping like they had a life of their own!
by anonymoose March 02, 2004
A hawaiian t-shirt wearing nun. Alternatively, a stupid polock.
Wow, that lipieki is breaking the nun dress code.
by ANONYmoose March 26, 2004
A farsighted, bald chinese kid who can perform flips of many types. Also characterised as either a type of good-wierd, athletic-monkey, or a type of odd-funny.
Yo, WangChung, do that thing you just did again!
by anonymoose October 21, 2003
An Indian very talented in soccer and the computer graphics.
Man, devian just designed this awesome website for me.
by anonymoose October 21, 2003