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best school in texas~ everyone who rags on it are just jealous of how rich the students' parents are. highest number of national merit finalists, best ap scores, best sat/act scores across the city let alone the state. all in all, pesh, central, and west are all great schools, the rivalry amongst all of them are just for show, everyone gets riled up just about football, of which plano has a very good football team, east is prestigious with the IB program, and west is good all around, newsweek ranks plano west as #187, while the plano senior and plano east fall wayyy behind, either way you if you attend any plano school you are fortunate to have a very good education so you can fuck up everyone in college with how fucking brilliant you are. plano west fucking owns, if you compare the 3, and all who say different are just living in a state of denial.

WOLFPACK forever, motherfuckin' class of 2007
i went to plano west senior high
wow do you do blow and shit
probably but im still fucking smarter than you on or off drugs
damn youre fuckin dank
by wolfpackkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk March 29, 2008
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