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a sexual manuever involving folding one's pinky and thumb into the palm and using the remaining fingers to:1)penetrate the ass. 2) penetrate the vagina. and 3)tickle either the outer vagina or the buttcrack with the third finger.
in some circles known as a "three pronged attack" or in nautical circles, " the poseidion adventure" after his legendary trident.
she never expected give her the pitchfork.
by travis pitts January 08, 2004
Pitchfork is an abbreviation for pitchforkmedia.com, which is an online magazine devoted mostly to coverage of independent music. The website, updated daily, centers upon 5 reviews of new albums, 4 to 6 newsposts, and 2 to 4 reviews of singles. While Pitchfork is known for its brutal honesty, it cannot properly be said that it isn't biased in a huge way. However, it is definite that Pitchfork is something that can be trusted for people with a taste for indie music.
I'm tripping shrooms, perhaps now would be a good time to go read Pitchfork for the first time.
by Matt Banks November 25, 2003
a Symbol GDz,BDz,MD1z,MLDz,
SDz,SGDz,YLODz,BCz use shit it kinda look like dis \|/ shit refer 2 chicagogangs.org 2 noe wat a Pitchfork iz
by Tek dat nine trey gangsta August 13, 2008
An adjective used to describe something that is exeptionally trendy or rad. This comes from the indie rock online magazine pitchforkmedia.com, and originally referred to something that was very indie. However, it has come to be referrable to anything, indie rock or not. (esp. used in the Bay Area)
BECKY: wow, this band is pretty pitchfork

ALANA: you're pretty pitchfork too, becky
by alana is pitchfork October 13, 2008
Abbreviation for www.pitchforkmedia.com, the best indie music site on the internet.
I almost bought the new Metallica CD, good thing I read the Pitchfork review and found out how shitty it is.
by asketchykid June 23, 2003