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a Piss Weasel is a really annoying dick
As in Paul was a right piss weasel
by Stuart Sargent June 21, 2006
a piss-weasel is a really minging girl.
she was an absolute piss-weasel
by master B November 20, 2003
Plain & simple: another name for the penis.
{Seen on a BBS about wheelchairs and scooters -- in its, "Daily Check-In" thread}

As I did yesterday & the day before, I'll kindly dispense with the “{vulgar slang term for male piss weasel (six letters, starts with 'P' and ends with “R", rhymes with “wrecker" {P3K3R})} stuck in the {slang term for wall-mounted porcelain urinal (ten letters, starts with “W" and ends with “T", doesn't rhyme with anything {walltoliet})}" text today.
by Telephony May 10, 2016
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