What the English are.
Pirates = theiving,lying,ill educated,invaders,drunken louts,liers,arrogant,hated by everyone.
yup! the English
by Spock! May 31, 2006
better than amazing. the best ever.
"that concert last night was so pirate. it was better than the last concert i went to."
by M3G4N March 09, 2008
1. A person who commits robbery at sea.
2. A music/movie thief.
3. The obvious superior to ninjas, robots, and zombies.
Pirates would totally destroy ninjas
by Lorg Skyegon June 25, 2005
A greasy sea worthy man who plunders gold, and has anal sex with his ship-mates
Out at sea you will see some pirates
by blah blah blah blah blah blah6 March 15, 2010
When you hit a cow at 70mph in your burgandy pearl
Shanty Moses my cars a write off....i just did a pirate!!!
by Johnny Goodtime December 08, 2007
pi-rate as it is commonly know is the definition of a person/ or persons who engage in the ways of the pirate while smoking mass weed
pi rate, samurai, ninja love
by The Black Ninjette Of Death February 23, 2007
A major league baseball team from Pittsburgh, Pa.
"In 1992, when the Atlanta Braves stole the NLCS from the Pirates, Pittsburgh lost interest in baseball and Sid Bream Sucks!" "Barry Bonds started taking steroids after losing the NLCS for the Pirates."
by familyguy May 03, 2005

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