Make a fist with both hands with the pinky sticking up on each. (the way you would with your middle finger...) Then place them on your forehead making horns like the devil. This gesture is usually done after someone acts like a bitch or better yet with some girl named Pinky who's a bitch. It's more of a private joke than anything else.
Use your imagination?
by C's AngelZ May 09, 2005
White boys with a very very pink complexion who think they're hot but are openly mocked by everyone and are absolutely horrible in bed
A: ohhhh dude what happened to his face!
B: who pinky?
A: yeah!
B: his mother perioded all over his face
by The Truthsfks March 05, 2010
a.your pinky finger
b.the color pink
c.P!NK the female artist
d.pinky and the brain > fucktards
pinky and the brain story:

two lab rats that try to take over the world. based on some human characteristics if you pay close attention. pinky is smart as a tool and the brain just as much if not more.
by SGT.PLOW February 01, 2008
A hot girl (or guy) is a "pinky" if you'd give your pinky toe to get with her (or him) for a night. Courtesy of Matty Metcalfe.
Yo, check out the pinky in the Kangol that just walked in.
by chris March 30, 2005
Describing someone or something that represents something you don't like
Your mom says Cameron, it's time to wash the dishes. You say:"Ah pinky!"
by Sarcastic One Knows Me April 13, 2004
A person who listens to no doubt and garbage. Usually has pink hair and speaks like a valley girl
When did pinkies start coming to nofx concerts?
by Distilla Truant February 17, 2004
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