A shining ring.
You keep staring at my pinky...
by UnnamedPlayer May 07, 2003
Just as there is colors for personalities, there is pinky. Which is a personality color...yeah.
"Stephanie is totally a pinky."
by 8BitKronik November 21, 2008
When you highlight something in pink.
Dai: Pinky that text
by Dean and Mark April 06, 2006
A chubby ginger boy who lives in Waterloo. Often irritable and lovable.
"Man, that Pinky is WHACK!"

"Pinky, you've got a heart made of beef.
by amataxi November 24, 2004
Someone with no pubic hair. Sometimes called a pinkster. Usually used by young teenagers who have recently acquired pubes to describe their less developed friends who haven't got theirs yet.
Dude, you can't shag that pinky, it'd be wrong.

Ha ha, you're such a pinky. I got my pubes when I was 8.
by Evil Sponge February 06, 2004
Foreign aid-workers in Africa!
Like in many other developing parts of the world, African people are xenophobic at best and are biased against the white aid-workers who risk their lives in order to give help and much-needed aid to those revolving bastards!
Aid workers aren't even saved by irony: they are known as mere pinkies to Africans!
by hammer---;, hytham April 11, 2007
Make a fist with both hands with the pinky sticking up on each. (the way you would with your middle finger...) Then place them on your forehead making horns like the devil. This gesture is usually done after someone acts like a bitch or better yet with some girl named Pinky who's a bitch. It's more of a private joke than anything else.
Use your imagination?
by C's AngelZ May 09, 2005

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