A very yummy, delicious candy made of milk chocolate consisting of caramel and marshmallow. They're very popular in New Zealand. And gastronomically pleasing.
I went to New Zealand and the people I stayed with bought me a Pinky's bar, and I've been in love with them ever since.
by Wouldn't.you.like.to.know May 05, 2006
The pure embodiment of awesome. The party can start once he arrives.
Man, that Pinky dude sure knows how to party!
by Negative Zer{-} May 12, 2011
Lower class White Americans who are of little or no intelligence, ignorant and racist.
This Starbucks is always full of pinkys lets get out of here!!!
by Jay323 December 29, 2009
In herpetological terms, a pinky is a newborn, (1-7 days old) mouse, usually a staple feeder for smaller colubrids or baby constrictors, or as an occasional treat for bulkier lizards such as blue-tongued skinks. Pinkies are cheap, anywhere from 25 cents to a dollar, and are best fed live, for their movement attracts the animal, and they aren't harmful yet.
"Yeah, I picked up two pinkies for my new blizzard."
by Alec August 03, 2004
Slang for a brand of condoms marketed by Crown Condoms. Crown Condoms slogan is: "The Closest Thing to Nothing at All." The slang pinkies come from the condoms color which is a very faint shade of pink. Crown Condoms are widely used in the adult film industry and can be identified by their pink color.
Those pinkies are the shit. You can't even tell it's on when your bangin.
by PinkieLover May 03, 2011
More impotant than a promise. If you pink, double pink, or triple pink, then you better not be lieing or else you would be very badzie!
Pink on that! Double pink! Triple pink!
by Amanda the Miracle Hun November 19, 2004
pinky: (noun) Not the most macho way of referring to your shortest finger.
Why does your pinky stick out that way when you drink tea?
by Marcus Macdonald July 10, 2008

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