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Another name for a penis. Usually used in calling one a 'pine tree' for an offensive statement. Can also be used as a basic offending word, not really relating to a penis whatsoever.
"You fucking pine tree!"
"No, turn right, you pine tree.."
"Alfred, go suck and fuck a pine tree."
"Watch out, I'm pulling out my pine tree!!"
"Can I lick your pine tree?"
by Auzy0 January 06, 2008
A preppy person who is in the closet and there mommy dresses them at the age of thirty
oh god, Pinetree is here again
by Toki Wartooth December 03, 2007
A renewable resource and fodder for the pulpwood industry.
A pinetree falling on a mobile home is a thing of beauty.
by Bearinwoods, P.E. July 15, 2003
accesory hung on rear view mirror in effort to make an automobile look and smell negroidial
He got seven pine trees hangin in his mo-fuggin Maxima.
by x June 15, 2003
a black person
check out that pinetree coupin some chino doooo
by gill April 18, 2004
a lesbian; used esp when on college campuses in NJ
"I saw her making out with Caroline, What a Pine tree!"
by melina martinez June 06, 2007
some of the HOTTEST girlz in the world go to Pinetree Secondary School.
I was walking by Pinetree when i saw these two hot ass chicks walking out of the building.
by canadian freedom fighter May 09, 2003

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