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Another name for a penis. Usually used in calling one a 'pine tree' for an offensive statement. Can also be used as a basic offending word, not really relating to a penis whatsoever.
"You fucking pine tree!"
"No, turn right, you pine tree.."
"Alfred, go suck and fuck a pine tree."
"Watch out, I'm pulling out my pine tree!!"
"Can I lick your pine tree?"
by Auzy0 January 06, 2008
30 10
A renewable resource and fodder for the pulpwood industry.
A pinetree falling on a mobile home is a thing of beauty.
by Bearinwoods, P.E. July 15, 2003
6 1
A preppy person who is in the closet and there mommy dresses them at the age of thirty
oh god, Pinetree is here again
by Toki Wartooth December 03, 2007
3 1
accesory hung on rear view mirror in effort to make an automobile look and smell negroidial
He got seven pine trees hangin in his mo-fuggin Maxima.
by x June 15, 2003
5 4
a black person
check out that pinetree coupin some chino doooo
by gill April 18, 2004
3 5
a lesbian; used esp when on college campuses in NJ
"I saw her making out with Caroline, What a Pine tree!"
by melina martinez June 06, 2007
9 18
some of the HOTTEST girlz in the world go to Pinetree Secondary School.
I was walking by Pinetree when i saw these two hot ass chicks walking out of the building.
by canadian freedom fighter May 09, 2003
13 24