Having a nearly immeasurable ability to keep people in line by the merely presenting the back of your hand.
Shut up, Alexis...my pimp hand is strong.
by Tommy High Fives June 25, 2010
a term used for the power a pimp has over his hoes
man that guy keeps his pimp-hand strong that hoe just gave him money!!!!!WTF!?!?!?!?!
by icanread-dog April 11, 2006
A person who's will or force is so strong they can do pretty much whatever they want.

Can also mean street cred
He keeps his Pimp-hand strong.
by Solid July 13, 2005
A tool used to keep ones "biatches" in line. From Pimp to pimp raising ones pimp hand is a sign of respect, from pimp to bitch it is a sign of fear.
this is my pimp hand, i keep it strong, without my pimp hand i am nothing, without me my pimp hand is nothing.
by anuez li aker June 14, 2011
1. The hand used to smack your ho's around.

2. The ability to be a pimp who has control over his ho's and brings in mad money as a result.
1. "My hos know that they will get a strong pimp hand if they don't do as I say and bring me cold hard cash hourly."

2. "My pimp hand is strong, that's why I have all this gold jewelry and flashy clothes" - or - "My pimp hand is weak, and my ho's aren't representin'"
by gina November 20, 2003
To describe the act of a male or dominant female slapping the face of a female lover. Usually used to assert dominance or initiate vigorous sexual intercourse.
My ho' was talking too much. All I wanted was sex so I showed her my "pimp hand" to let her know who was boss.
by sutro77 October 26, 2008
Keepin your hos in line

your pimpin business
how yo pimp hand? strong baby stong
by pimpa November 24, 2003

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