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A pillow that you can turn into a pet! Sooo cute!!(;
Panda bear pillow pet
Turtle pillow pet
by Some person(; July 08, 2011
A device only used for children storing their weed until they grow up and smoke crack like an adult
Oh shit moms almost home, we gotta hide the grass in my pillow pet!
A euphemism for sex among preteens.
Tim: Dude! Eva and I are gonna play Pillow Pets after school today.
Rick: Heh, She's such a slut cuz we played it this morning in homeroom!
by Bitsy83 December 11, 2010
A plushy pillow animal that likes to make love to your good dreams and destroy your nightmares.
It's a pillow! It's a pet! ITS A PILLOW PET!
by VegetaAdmirer January 28, 2015
A woman with a nice body but ugly face. generally a sexual reference. From the idea that you can put her face in a pillow so you don't have to see it during sex
"look at her, she gotta great body."
"yeah but she's a pillow pet."
by jthared567 September 17, 2012
Pillows that can be unfolded into stuffed animals. Possibly the dumbest fucking thing you could ever buy a kid.
Santa gave my 7 year old cousin 2 pillow pets for Christmas. He presumed to sit in a corner and cry for 6 hours.
by 95x July 02, 2010
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