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Indicating a complete and total state of sexual ineptness. Could imply being fat and soft or even skinny enough to be used as a pillow in a fight. Or to state that ones intelligence is not unlike that of a pillow. All of these can be implied in a single use.
"He is such a pillow!"
by Benton Hayes October 17, 2004
4 26
Large female breasts.
by KJ October 03, 2003
206 71
A word used to describe a tightly packed bag of weed. Has a soft cushiony feel and somewhat resembles a green pillow. Also, once you smoke it, you can fall asleep nice and easy.
Yo, I'm tryin to get a pillow tonight.
by th October 20, 2004
227 141
Something to hump when your horny
Jack stood Jackie up so, tonight she's having some one-on-one with her pillow
by Senor sejas July 08, 2010
118 75
A word used to describe boobs of any size.
My girlfriend let me rub Mr. Johnson between her pillows last night.
by Captain Happysnake November 25, 2005
170 130
A wicked Japanese punk rock band.
"Orange no slide
Utsusu sora
Sponge no pride

...I have no idea what that means...but I like it!
by Spike Mandango February 28, 2004
74 53
also used in similar mastubatory way by females. ;)
wet pillow !
by meemo March 30, 2003
125 105
An object used by males when masturbating; the male rubs his cock and balls up and down on the pillow until he jacks off all over it
Jim found several of his roommate's pubic hairs on his pillow
by Travman December 01, 2002
169 151