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The act of a guy having sex with a girl in the mud. Normally results in having caked on mud either on the body or on clothes afterwards.
We all knew Zach had fucked that girl piggy style last night when his jeans had mud all over them when he came back in the morning.
by gongin January 25, 2010
Where you and your significant other are having sex outdoors. You then get your partner laughing so hard they start snorting. You then shove their face into the dirt or mud and shove your cock in their ass.

It has been said a woman with a face full of dirt/mud and a colon full of cock will squirm and squeal more than a caught greased pig.
She started laughing at me so I shoved her face into the dirt and gave it to her Piggy Style.
by ForsakenExile November 07, 2012
When you do a woman "doggie-style" and u reach around and insert 2 fingers 1 in each nostril and pull back. Basically causing the female to look like a pig getting porked
I was doing this bitch piggie style and da bitch squeeled
by Porkfest April 30, 2003
jerking off on the "executive" watching test 2 and eating solid easter eggs
i had a mean wank last night.... piggy style!!
by who ate all the easter eggs April 18, 2009
You start of in doggy style and then you grab her arms and lift her up. Next she wraps her legs around your waist.
I did piggy style last night with Cara and she said she enjoyed it way more than plain ol doggy style.
by biggyy June 02, 2016
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