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Screwed, or any exploitive derivative of the terminology.

Lawyer 1: He got caught with weed, and they're trying to give him five.
Lawyer 2: Yea, he's getting pickeled.


Yeah, his girlfriend has been pickeling the whole town.
by Mr Reality Music January 21, 2008
6 4
To be inebriated beyond the point of intelligent decision-making.
ex. 1

"Man, you have to stop taking fat girls home. Being pickeled is no excuse."

ex. 2

"I don't know how you drove home last night. You were so pickeled.
by Mr. Reality Music January 25, 2008
10 2
when you don't understand / are confused completely
what are u on about your pickeling my head!
by Sian Mcveigh June 08, 2005
2 0