An acronym for Pregnancy Inquiry Count, which calculates "Am I pregnant" questions.
The PIC rates are off the roof today!
The ILF Posse rocked the 1M PIC!
by IDWaN June 04, 2009
Plan-Inclusive Counterplan
They ran a Safety Valve CP, so I went for PICs Bad in the 2AR.
by ConCon October 26, 2004
Acronym for Pregnancy Inquiry Count. It calculates "Am I pregnant" questions.
Whoa, the PIC is off the roof!
The ILF Posse is rockin the PIC!
by IDWaN June 04, 2009
pic pitsch means in turkish bastard.
(also very often used)
turkish boy 1: hey this man is a big pic
turkisch boy 2: i wanna hit that pic in his face
by ERiO September 08, 2006
Acronym for Presubscribed Interexchange Carrier, refers to a seven-digit code that identifies your long distance carrier to your LEC, or local phone service company.
Get your PIC frozen, or some unscrupulous phone company with high rates can slam you!
by Downstrike August 12, 2005
Aviation term for Pilot In Command
The PIC is responsible for the actions and safety of the passengers
by dflyboy June 10, 2005
People In Charge

Coined in the 2006 film <i>Wristcutters: A Love Story</i>
I've got a complaint to take up with the PICs
by BrokenEye the Prophet August 14, 2010
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