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an aviation term for Instrument Flight Rules. it describes a cloudy or foggy day.
The airport i had intended to go to was reporting IFR, with ceilings of 300 ft overcast
by dflyboy June 10, 2005
an aviation term for Visual Flight Rules. it also describes a condition where the weather is good.
tomorrow a high pressure area will move into the area and it should be a good VFR day
by dflyboy June 10, 2005
PTS is an aviation term that stands for Practical Test Standards. It is a book that contains the standards by which a pilot must perform to obtain a licence
According to the PTS, you must maintain altitude within 100 feet, bank angle within 10 degrees, and airspeed within 10 kts for some manuvers.
by dflyboy June 10, 2005
MAP - An aviation term short for Missed Approach Point on an instrument approach.
We're at the MAP, i see the runway, so I'll land.
by dflyboy June 10, 2005
Aviation term for Pilot In Command
The PIC is responsible for the actions and safety of the passengers
by dflyboy June 10, 2005
MCA is an aviation term that means Minimum Controlable Airspeed.
to do slowflight correctly, you must be at or near MCA
by dflyboy June 10, 2005

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