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Partner In Crime
Ashley is my PIC.
by fabulucious July 03, 2009
38 27
Partner In Crime
Erik Destler and Madame Giry,
Superman and Wonder Woman,
Brian and Stewie,
Homer and Bart,
Evey and V,

...Examples of classic PIC's
by Persephone~ August 24, 2009
46 38
Stands for "Partner in Crime."

A P.I.C. is a female-friend to a man, or male-friend to a woman. The essential quality of a PIC or P.I.C is that there is no association or interest between the couple other than friendship.
"Hey, I have an extra ticket to this concert. My wife can't make it and I need a P.I.C."

"I let Jake hang out with Susan, she's his PIC. But I wouldn't let Samantha near him in a second unless I was there."
by CashReno May 19, 2010
21 14
Acronym for Peripheral Interface Controller. A microcontroller for controlling peripherals.
What PIC do you use for controlling ...
by ff0 February 22, 2005
64 58
P.I.C or Pic stands for Pig in clothes and is a person who is such a fat mess they should be thrown onto a farm where they belong!!
Alright Dawson, look at the state of that P.I.C over there!!!
by Roderz July 03, 2012
10 6
partners in crime (raiding the fridge)
we are pics
by shpe September 04, 2011
10 7
Partner in Crime
She was my PIC until she moved away; now who will come with me to do bad things?
by GandolfTheGreat October 22, 2009
12 11