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Phut (phoenetic fut ) a weak wet minor noise, weaker than a damp squib, or a supressed fart OE}.
Generally accepted as being a disappointment considered against the potential pleasure.
The dot-com boom fizzled briefly, but for many ended with a phut, much the same as a three-penny damp squid.
by yerfandsam September 10, 2003
To be used as an adjective, does not technically mean anything. Also used as a verb when you "foot" someone. Make no mistake, this means absolutely nothing other than you are a foot.
Hey you, you're a phut
What did you say to me?
You heard me, you're a phut
by mattdealus January 07, 2011
The sound made by a passing bullet
Forget the distinctive "phut" produced by James Bond's silencer. Real designs are more likely to produce a muffled crack, or to sound like a car door being slammed.
by greenwood September 01, 2004
A short, precise excape of air.
heave... heave... PHUT!
by Bastardized Bottomburp May 21, 2003
An extreme goose. There are grades of stupidity. Phut represents the state of being a dense, absent-minded, fool who is quite ignorant of the fact.
That dude is such a phut! He threatened to stab be and then proceeded to brandish a butter-knife... still covered with crumbs and Vegemite! (True story)
by Eluial February 04, 2005