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2 definitions by Eluial

Information related to an individual. Name, age, hobbies, etc. are all types of biodata.
Alice: Hi, I'm Alice. Biodata?
Bob: Bob, 21, I collect seaweed. You?
Alice: 20, I collect rocks and ride my bicyle on weekends.
Bob: Me too!
Alice: Let's get married!
Bob: Damn.
by Eluial October 28, 2005
An extreme goose. There are grades of stupidity. Phut represents the state of being a dense, absent-minded, fool who is quite ignorant of the fact.
That dude is such a phut! He threatened to stab be and then proceeded to brandish a butter-knife... still covered with crumbs and Vegemite! (True story)
by Eluial February 04, 2005