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the act of raping someone with your camera; taking pictures of people without their knowledge or consent.
Have you been photo-raped today?
I just photo-raped that guy!
by Margerry Yuhico July 21, 2003
When a group of people researches you after you are killed in the multiplayer of Bioshock 2
Killed Player: Dude, I got killed and 4 guys photo raped me
by The_Puppeteer February 14, 2010
Gang bang with iris melting flash
Margerry should be charged with photo rape. Her camera flash significantly reduces brain cells.
by Margarett Yuhico August 10, 2003
The act of invading an innocent, unsuspecting person's photograph with the intent of ruining the picture with a hideously silly face.

Similar to Photo poaching but more obvious.

For the greatest effect photo-rape after 10-20 pints or when squiffy, sloshed, wankered, Shitfaced, loose, tanked,

plastered, inebriated, loaded, blasted, plowed or tipsy.
"Dude... we should go and photo-rape them"
by alih February 12, 2010
When someone doesn't want their picture taken but is forced to take one
I didn't want my picture taken but my mom photo raped me
by Brendon Disney March 16, 2010
When you can't have someone, so you photoshop yourself into a photo of that person, or cut out a photo of yourself and elmo glue it beside that person's photo.
"Stacey rejected my prom invitation. I'm going to photo-rape her in the yearbook.
by GoofyG November 24, 2008
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