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A name of French and Old German origin, and its meaning is "famous warrior". Variant of Louise. The 12th-century French philosopher Pierre Abelard fell in love with and seduced his student Heloise....and then got castrated.

Basically the perfect women!! Portrays the image of being amazingly clever, sweet and innocent to everyone else but in actual fact is incredibly kinky!
Heloise is perfect marriage material...intelligent, able to speak her own mind, does the washing up, is a great cook and my parents love her...but she is even better in bed!
#eloise #eloisa #helouise #hellowease #elouise
by finechat February 09, 2010
Stop debating the pronunciation of "sheikh" like you are one, heloise!

Heloise is as beezy does.
#heloise #beezy #pedantic #pedant #sexy
by johnny walker 23 July 25, 2008
Is is someone who does not have real feelings and loves playing games with other emotions. If you ever get the chance to be her friend go for it cause she is real good at being a friend and loves her friends alot, but rather let it stay there because you might walk away heartbroken!She becomes very posesive and obsesive.
1)Richard: "Henry is dating Heloise." Fred: "Damn, how are we gonna fix him?"

2)Anne: "His exs name is Heloise.." Jane: "Good luck to trying to mend his heart sister!"
#love #friend #hate #bitch #feelings
by May 10, 2009
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