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A cliff jumping move that envolves, jogging up to the cliff edge putting you hands on the edge and volting your legs upwards and round to the side. This can also be executed with multiple spins on the way down for added street cred.

(how you would jump a fence)
Man, that was a fucking rad escarpment!
by Marconious August 16, 2006
This is better (and funnier) alternative to the ooo so classic "Beep and Wave."

To execute a Phantom driver must slow down (20mph is good enough) once pedesdrians are seen on the left hand side of the road or bustoppers. Once seen the passenger must wind down their window completely, then get the top half of their body out of the car so their hips are resting on the top of the CLOSED door. When parralel to the pedestrians the passenger must raise arms up full into the air and shout PHANTOM in their ear.

It works best is the pedestrians are walking in the same direction in the car, as they can be caught off gaurd.

This is an extremly funny and satafying move for both the Phantomer and the driver and other passangers.

Possible Hazards:

Falling out the window
Catching stomach on door locking pin (mine is snapped off because of this)
High speed Phamtoming is not advised.
Getting stoppped by the Feds hah

Happy Phamtoming!!
"That phantom scared the shit out of those people!!" (usually followed by lots of laughing!!)
by Marconious August 16, 2006

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