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A phantom hand is when a person masturbates after sitting on their hand for an extended period of time. Masturbating with the numb hand then induces an effect of someone else's hand on your cock.
"Man, I've gotten so desensitized, I can only get off to beastiality hentai."
"That's awful. You should try phantom handing. It's a whole new experience."
by The New Looda September 15, 2008
The way by which a packet of crisps, bucket of popcorn, or any other kind of junk food, manages to disappear at an alarming rate while the eater suddenly feels an overwelming bloated sensation without even realising.

That mechanical movement of the hand from the lap area to the face with very little effort.
Jenny: Bloody hell where did all the Thai sweet chilli crisps go????
Megan: Shit!!! That's nearly the end of the bag! Why do I feel so sick? And my mouth is on fire!
Jenny: Phantom hand strikes again! I'll go get packet number 4 and that bag of popcorn I've microwaved.
by Smeggles182 January 16, 2010