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1) A Manon is a teenage girl who jumps out of moving cars

2) Manon is also a French character from the film "Manon"
1) person 1: Jeez! did she just jump out of that moving car?

person 2: yep, she is a total Manon

2) j'aime tu, Manon!
by tashaf29 October 27, 2009
A very awesome and beautiful french girl who captures all the boys attention. She is very weird but caring and a great friend who would never hurt anyone. She has a hard time trusting people especially boys and appreciates everyone she knows but still gets hurt a lot. She doesn't like animals and the color yellow.
Girl: ugh my boyfriend broke up with me for another girl
Friend: yea he asked out that stupid Manon girl
by snow&pizza January 12, 2015
A football term.
When there is an oppostion player behind the payer with the ball, the crowd and other players shout "man on" to warn him of the oppostion player's proximity.
"Campo! man on, man on"
by Julia January 22, 2004
A beautiful girl who usually does at least 2 or more sports. Many boys will love here because she is sporty, pretty and has a good butt. Many boys would like to have her as their girlfriend. A Manon can also be a girl how would jump out of a car while its going.
other boy: Sorry, she's already taken
2) OMG did that girl just jump out of that car?
YA! She's such a Manon!
I bet you her name IS Manon!
by SCALLELA March 01, 2015
a short chubby man
manon is a manon
by zxcvzxcvcxvxcv March 05, 2011
necrophiliac french girl with secret intentions
"I left my boyfriend Sergio for that manon."
"That barbie with the antique high heel red doll shoes is such a manon"
by electra April 01, 2005
"MANON!" is shouted to warn other classmates of a teacher coming.
*There is no teacher in the class, and everyone is messing about*
*Zane sees a teacher in the corridor*
Zane: "MANON!"
by SUBWAYSTAR July 08, 2009

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