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1) A legendary porn actor whose massive quantities of ejaculate matter set him apart from most other male adult film stars.

2) (Verb) To ejaculate an unusually large amount of semen.
Peter North has starred in many adult films during his career.

(Verb) I built up so much semen during intercourse that when I ejaculated, I Peter Northed my poor girlfriend.
by UrbanWebster February 15, 2004
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1. A white canadian male pornstar with a big dick (about 9 inches) who has fucked nearly every female pornstar there is, was and ever will be. His trademark is the "moneyshot" he cums three times as much as the average male pornstar usually cumming buckets allover his female co-stars faces. He is also a favorite of many of his adult female co-stars as they enjoy the way he fucks and the big loads of cum he shoots. Any girl familar with the adult industry of xxx films and magazines that gets paired up with him knows she has truly hit the big leagues of porn. He also denies
getting his start in porn by starring in gay films although there is creditable proof.

2. The undisputable provider of the biggest cumshots in porn.

3. One man cum bukkake machine.
Can you believe how much cum Peter North shot on her face? He covered her face completely and is still cumming.
by PeterNorth June 03, 2005
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GREATEST. MALE PERFORMER. EVER. Starred in over 2000 films. Average ejaculation: 9 jets, about half a cup.
Peter North is a god.
by mawz February 20, 2003
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Also known as "Two Quart" North
by Anonymous February 20, 2003
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Peter...the man...the myth...the milk machine
Peter milked on Sandy Duavll
by the one and only milkman January 18, 2005
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Peter north is a canadian porn star who is known for his massive ejaculates. On average, he shoots 9 large streams and holds the record for the longest cumshot ever (9 feet).

He has cummed on over 2000 women's faces, and has a 9 inch cock.

His cum is known for being a bit sweet, and people wonder as to why he has so much of it. Although there is little or no proof, many think he has a diet of Oysters, which offer a lot of zinc - a valuable semen producing mineral for men.
Peter North fucked me doggie style in the car last night and when he had to dump his load, he ended up emptying two cups on my face and boobs.
by Master Cumman March 02, 2006
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A porn star (adult entertainment industry professional) who started his career in gay films, later to pull what we call a "double back, flap jack, titty smack" where he switched to straight films.
Look at him getting fucked by that 300 pound body builder...! -2 years later- Look at him give it to her!
by Hue Jass June 18, 2003
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