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GREATEST. MALE PERFORMER. EVER. Starred in over 2000 films. Average ejaculation: 9 jets, about half a cup.
Peter North is a god.
by mawz February 20, 2003
The residue and/or mud-like substance found in, under, and around the male genetalia as a result from neglect and uncleanliness.
guy 1 "ugh, what's that smell?"
Webster "that's fromunda cheese."
guy 1 "what the hell is fromunda cheese? where do you find that?"
by mawz February 26, 2003
When you get on an underage girl's good side so that once she becomes legal, you can get her in the sack.
Man, I got the Olsen Twins on layaway...life's gonna be so good in a year...
by mawz April 01, 2003
dick durt. when you don't wash your penis, and friction causes the dead skin/dirt/lint to ball up into bite-size morsels...not that you eat em, you sick assholes.
"There's chode on my chode" - Order of Leitbur.
by mawz February 21, 2003
The verbal spelling of the sound that plays when something sudden happens in a (horror) movie. Often makes people jump.
(The Ring)
*rainy scene, but nothing else is heard besides the rain*
*rain sound goes out to complete silence*
JUNT!!! (audience jumps) *camera zooms in on a bird in a nest*
by mawz April 01, 2003

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