to drink strong cold coffee at an extremely high rate
man he just peter'd that coffee!
by john one September 28, 2010
Usually a really cute guy. Very witty and clever, he has a comeback for everything. He adores you no matter what, even when you feel and look terrible. Very sexy and always knows just what to say to get you going. He likes to talk dirty! Loves hockey, and he is very athletic.One word desriptions: Caring, sexy, lovable, endearing and witty.
Lucky numbers are 3 and 9.
Evelyn: Peter's a really great guy. I still cant believe he's into me.
by omegle-ejl October 16, 2013
The guy of every girls dreams. He is beyond perfect in every way. Honestly the only living gentleman in this universe...he definitely knows how to treat a girl right. He always knows the cutest and right things to say. He makes your heart melt with happiness and joy and it's impossible to get him out of you're mind. He is beyong cute, athletic, smart, romantic, loving, caring and not to mention he's an axe model Olympian.

I love Peter.
Peter is beyond perfect <3
by It's only obvious... July 30, 2013
The Last TimeLord
"who's that person over there"

"must be a peter"
"he's just awesome"
by herkys November 05, 2011
Peter is a handsome man and very caring,he's good for children to look up to and would make a great husband//daddy. He has a lot of family issues but doesn't show it,I love Peter.
Have you heard about that Peter?
Yeah Peter is great.
by PrincessHollyDunn January 24, 2015
He is an amazing person. Super nice and friendly. He's very handsome and really good at basketball.
Damn, peter's a great guy.
by IrishTurtle July 05, 2014
It means dick or cock or penis
It would be sweeter i you covered your Peter
by bigdaddy July 18, 2004
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