The name Peter or Pete comes from the greek word for rock.
In latin the name Petra also mens rock.
People called Peter are both strong and brave, to attack them is foolish as a Peter is more than a match for most others.

Pete is the short version, he also is a rock, those who go by the name Pete are always noble, honest, funny and have a primal sence of justace. Pete is "A man of Honor" and will fight when needs be. He will never hit a woman and is good looking.

Peter will pretend to be silly and stupid for his own reasons. He will try to avoid emotions such as love as he thinks they make people weak and easy to break. This anoys many females who are attracted to him.
Peter will say odd things at times such as:

"And ye shall know the truth...And the truth shall set you free"
"even a man who is pure in heartand says his prays by night, may become a wolf when the wolfsbane blooms, and the autum moon is bright"
This is not to be confused with insanity as Peter is a wize man.
Random chav: you dumb blood
Peter: nope, i'm B+
by Morgazm the Powerful February 17, 2013
It means dick or cock or penis
It would be sweeter i you covered your Peter
by bigdaddy July 18, 2004
The Last TimeLord
"who's that person over there"

"must be a peter"
"he's just awesome"
by herkys November 05, 2011
Usually a really cute guy. Very witty and clever, he has a comeback for everything. He adores you no matter what, even when you feel and look terrible. Very sexy and always knows just what to say to get you going. He likes to talk dirty! Loves hockey, and he is very athletic.One word desriptions: Caring, sexy, lovable, endearing and witty.
Lucky numbers are 3 and 9.
Evelyn: Peter's a really great guy. I still cant believe he's into me.
by omegle-ejl October 16, 2013
A Peter is awesome. A Peter is funny. A Peter is the guy you turn to who essentially is your non-gay gay best friend (or NGGBF for short). Every girl wants one, and every girl that has her own Peter is eternally grateful for him. Some might even call him a "Good Luck Chuck", which may be true considering that after you've had a Peter, you know what to look for in a man from then on out. Though a Peter may be hard to catch since he is widely popular and well liked, super cute in his own charming sort of way and attracts a lot of attention, tends to always have plans, and though he loves everyone, he's very particular when it comes to matters of his own heart.
I'm having such a crappy day, I wish I had a Peter to make me feel better.

If only I knew a Peter, then maybe I'd stop dating such douche bags!
by DixieChick August 19, 2013
The guy of every girls dreams. He is beyond perfect in every way. Honestly the only living gentleman in this universe...he definitely knows how to treat a girl right. He always knows the cutest and right things to say. He makes your heart melt with happiness and joy and it's impossible to get him out of you're mind. He is beyong cute, athletic, smart, romantic, loving, caring and not to mention he's an axe model Olympian.

I love Peter.
Peter is beyond perfect <3
by It's only obvious... July 30, 2013
A small cat. Often mistaken for it's actual name. A peter is another word for Cat.
Look it's a peter! Aww...little petie!
by Jketel July 02, 2012

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