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An endearing term for a fellow with unusual or outward fetishes or perversions. Or just a friend / brother / etc. who made his perversions public somehow and can't live it down. pervert
Hey Pervis, how's it hangin'?
by Mason November 13, 2003
A very perverse person, much like pervert, only worse and much funner to say.
Melody: Did you see that old guy with the thin mustache who was eating that banana?

Chuck: Yeah, he looked like a total pervis!
by Chucky Girl July 07, 2010
a creature who only baths in c-plus and only consumes similar orange products. He insists on being the most aggressive lover one's ever had the misfortune of spending 8 seconds with. It's name is derived from pervert and travis. It's been mistaken for an orangutan and is often reported as a zoo escapee. It will do all your drugs, drink all your beer and wait until you are asleep and touch you where you pee.
Owe, my pee-hole burns and I think my drugs & beer have been consumed. Why is there orange hair and residue in my bath tub? I think Pervis showed up while we were asleep.
by jebus cripes December 03, 2009
when you drop trow and spread your ass cheeks out as far as they can go, then rip total ass. best done when you apply your ass to their face.
johnnie passed out so me and mike gave him a horrible pervis.
by danny gaylor April 14, 2006
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