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4 definitions by robotmad

Lightheartedly perverted, charmingly perverted. One step below kinky.
Shall we have regular sex, or would you like to be a bit pervy today?
by robotmad January 04, 2007
127 57
1. everything: a totality of

2. dialog tag, somewhat valley girl, used with the verb "to be": said
1. All your base are belong to me.

2. "So I'm all, 'Shut up!' and he's all, 'No, you shut up!' and then I'm all, 'Okay.'"

by robotmad March 27, 2007
17 12
Someone famous in the yoga world.
I got the new Rodney Yee DVD yesterday. He's my favorite yoga star.
by robotmad April 29, 2007
0 1
Very in love.
I tried to tell her that Jack was no good, but she's too far gone to listen.
by robotmad March 28, 2010
3 6