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An individual person, or politician, who continually makes foolish statements, comments or surmises. Usually such statements or comments when made online are hidden behind screennames or aliases.
Speaking on soldiers trading images of war dead for porn, John Timor said "In prison, people trade for cigarettes. This is no different. You are all slaves."

John is a wackaloon.
by TIZReporter October 10, 2005
A wackaloon with blonde hair. Blondeislosts are often found in chatrooms or online forums where they act out their fantasy dreams. There are also Brunetteislosts and other perverts, pervies and jesters who live life online.
She said she sleeps naked on a trampoline. She is a blondeislost.
by TIZReporter October 15, 2005
A pervie or pervies is a wackaloon who frequents online chatrooms and forums. They are often rude and childish. They can be a blondeislost with severe emotional issues which need professional help. Often a pervie will become stuck in a state of matronation.
Her uncle was a pervie as he kept wanting to know all about her friends.
by TIZReporter October 16, 2005
A chatter who is a gamer who tries to get people in chat rooms to fight and argue with each other. Then they try to crack jokes and make it seem as if they are innocent.
Blondeislost says she sleeps naked on a trampoline. Blondeislost is a wackaloon.
by TIZReporter October 13, 2005
Matronation is a state of ignoring reality while arguing and fighting over trivial things. A person in a state of matronation is usually a troll or an Internet nag.
She would never discuss the topic at hand, all she wanted to do is argue, her matronation makes everyone sick.
by TIZReporter October 16, 2005
To have a link to your blog or website placed on a news website which generates enormous interest.

I have been Bourqued, the traffic from the link was amazing.
by TIZReporter March 15, 2006
A jesters is a wackaloon who works with fellow blondeislost matrons to make the Internet safe for pervies and convert Internet chatrooms to a state of matronation.

He couldn't tell the truth if his life relied on it. His matronation made him a jesters.
by TIZReporter October 16, 2005
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