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An act of canceling any parties or meetings for 3-4 days because of the awful cramps and pain in your crotch that midol cant help.
Amy:Hey are you still going to the connect party tomorrow

Girl:No...i just started my period today so tomorrow
im perioding...probably for the next 3 days...

Amy :.Why dont u just take some midol your be fine

Girl :MOOD SWING...curses out amy

Amy : Damn i didnt know it was that bad...i hate perioding...
by =N' November 05, 2009
15 1
Present tense of menstrual cycle known as period.
"Whats wrong with her?"

"Oh She must be perioding."
by Supposedlyworking July 02, 2009
3 3
The act of bitchidom
Everything was going great, and then she started bitching about nothing. She must've been perioding.
by Shintaku June 08, 2010
1 2