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An act of canceling any parties or meetings for 3-4 days because of the awful cramps and pain in your crotch that midol cant help.
Amy:Hey are you still going to the connect party tomorrow

Girl:No...i just started my period today so tomorrow
im perioding...probably for the next 3 days...

Amy :.Why dont u just take some midol your be fine

Girl :MOOD SWING...curses out amy

Amy : Damn i didnt know it was that bad...i hate perioding...
by =N' November 05, 2009
Present tense of menstrual cycle known as period.
"Whats wrong with her?"

"Oh She must be perioding."
by Supposedlyworking July 02, 2009
The act of bitchidom
Everything was going great, and then she started bitching about nothing. She must've been perioding.
by Shintaku June 08, 2010
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