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The ganster term for penis
Suck my penizzle biotch!
by blank February 21, 2004
when u were born and someone dropped u on ur makes it retarded and have many spsams
uzi's penis is a penizzle
by kyle April 22, 2004
When you have a retarded penis. When youre actually retarded enough to have a penis with a brain of its own. Wtf? If you have a penizzle then Steven Nipper will come slap it so watch out. Penizzles are usually shaped like a pretzel, therefor making it "interesting" to give head to.
Joe lookoed down one day only to notice that he had a penizzle. What a fuckin niglet. Therefor steven went and slapped it.
by TyroneTheMonkey December 24, 2003
A slang term for penis derived from Snoop Dogg like slang such as fo-shizzle.
Hey. Why don't you come over and play with my penizzle
by BullyFTW October 14, 2008
Black for "Penis"
Also used by white people trying to sound black
"That nigga gots a massive Penizzle"
by Jizzle McGizzle January 21, 2007

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