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When you have a retarded penis. When youre actually retarded enough to have a penis with a brain of its own. Wtf? If you have a penizzle then Steven Nipper will come slap it so watch out. Penizzles are usually shaped like a pretzel, therefor making it "interesting" to give head to.
Joe lookoed down one day only to notice that he had a penizzle. What a fuckin niglet. Therefor steven went and slapped it.
by TyroneTheMonkey December 24, 2003
A black retard. Usually gangsta. Examples of this include:

50 Cent
Snoop Dogg
Ja Rule
Ying Yang Twins
fo shizzle my nizzle gangsta homie g-unit slipper hoe slut g holmes gangsta up say what jigga woot nizzle biggy style retizzle.
by TyroneTheMonkey December 24, 2003
When your dick has multiple spasms and goes out of control just like when you finish up giving your boyfriend the biggest blow job ever.
Steven: I loved that blowjob but now my penizzle is flippity flapping.
Joe: You know how we do nigga slice.
by TyroneTheMonkey December 24, 2003
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