Indicating that there is a penis sprouting from one's butt - this word almost always has a negative connotation to it.
Osama Bin Laden is such a penis-butt.
by Lee S. December 17, 2003
Top Definition
A game enjoyed by many pole-fancies. Most popular from 1900-1920. The exact rules remain a mystery. It is believed to be very similar to Dandyballs and Legs-a-spread.
Oh sonny those were crazy times! My friends and I played dandyballs and legs-a-spread and Penisbutt!
by toethumb July 13, 2010
Generic insult. Doesn't usually mean anything sexual, regardless of the name.
Popular in grade-schools.
You told on us? You penisbutt.
by bucketmouse September 11, 2003
There are three real definitions of a penisbutt

1. the view of a penis from underneath where u can see the line separating each ball which results in a butt-like structure. hence the name penisbutt

2. a penis on upside down

3. some who acts like they walk around with a penis up there butt
1. Man, i was looking at my boyfriends penisbutt last night it was so hawt!

2. I heard that guy was born with a penisbutt.

3. Omfg that bitch is such a penisbutt
by craydah January 15, 2011
(1) An individual whom walks like there is a large penis in his butt. (2) A person whom acts queer. (3) A male or female that acts like a jerk off, moron, or idiot.
A penisbutt inclueds the following examples; (1) Tom Cruise, (2) The real Jimmy, and (3) Jeff the "stabber of Nate."
by The real Jimmy June 13, 2009
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