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N. Penisaurus - Derives from the male organ Penis, suggesting that the intended victim is a large penis (Or the derogative alternative "Cock")
Dave, you are a penisaurus.
by Carl April 02, 2005
Meaning a very largely,ungodly,inhumane oversized penis.
ohh myyy god! screamed the whore,your penisaurus is so huge, im gonna give you a freebee tonight
by Djay December 14, 2002
Ginormous monster mainly looking like a dick
and to your left there is a penisaurus
by thatfrenchdude July 17, 2011
the biggest wang you have ever seen.
when that penisaurus entered my vagina it tore!
by dick a lick March 21, 2009
dinasaur with a very large twanger
Hey look at the fuckin massive penisaurus's penis!!!

:: if it has short arms its a penisuarus rex !!!
by DEL BOI August 18, 2006
Slang for penis, used by people who think there penis is larger than everyone else's
Who wants to pet my pet penisaur
by Jim May 24, 2004