The pre-evolved form of erectisaur, penisaur is a freakin hard rock type pokemon and is known for its feared attack "deep penetration" and is related to that nigger pokemon electabuzz.
I choose you penisaur!!! Penisaur use "deep penetration" go!!! Pena-Pena-Penisaur!!!
by Ash Catchum March 06, 2008
See phallusaurus...
That looks like a penisaur to me
by Mahnahmahnah March 16, 2004
The scariest dinosaur of them all.
Look out! Penisaur will make your penisaur!
by dinocular January 10, 2010
A dinosaur made out of penises. Relatively the same height as Godzilla. Known for its Firejizz attack.
Penisaur Vs Godzilla Vs King Kong Vs Chuck Norris - A movie by Peter Jackson created 2050
by Penisaur FTW December 17, 2009
The kids that are too cool for school.
We don't need no freakin' example
by Anonymous July 06, 2003
A very sexy asian.
A Thai man named "Sak".
by Cornflake March 24, 2004

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