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A large pastry dish constructed out of phallic organs, usually baked.
May I offer you some hefty quantities of my very own penis pie?
by coolguy16v May 27, 2003
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when more than one penis is in a vagina/anus at any given moment. (double penetration)
damn i wont be able to walk for a week cus i got penis pied last night.
by yummeydingdong July 27, 2009
A pie that has jizz icing.
MMM... that penispie was so good on my birthday.
by willy wonkaman April 12, 2011
When a person becomes far too into oral sex and bites down on the penis, causing the man to scream whilst she's nomming away on penis pie!
Girl: i had penis pie last night
Other girl: poor guy
by helen kelles January 26, 2011
A flaky dessert usually cooked with cock sauce
Coolguy16v cooks and shares penis pie with his homesexual friends
by raif May 30, 2003
The favourite dish of SEPHlROTH
seffy loves the cock.
by Kung-Fu Jesus April 15, 2004
when you cum in a pie crust
want some penis pie?
by MasterX January 02, 2005

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