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Noun: Macadonian word for fagget (homosexual)
Ti si peder! (You are gay) or You look peder in those pants!
by JamesEzrin November 29, 2007
Peder is a really super awesome variation of the name Peter. But instead it has a 'd' in place of the 't'.
Paco: Hey, are you Peter?

Peder: No man I'm Peder.

Paco: Shiiiitttt homie.
by yeweDEWEY June 05, 2006
Short for PEDERast. Used as an insult, and not literally.
Don't listen to that peder, dude!
by not a peder March 29, 2005
slang or short form of pedephile

pronounced "ped-er" not "pee-der"
shit that guy looks like a peder
by B__dizzle June 21, 2006