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Peder is a really super awesome variation of the name Peter. But instead it has a 'd' in place of the 't'.
Paco: Hey, are you Peter?

Peder: No man I'm Peder.

Paco: Shiiiitttt homie.
by yeweDEWEY June 05, 2006
Noun: Macadonian word for fagget (homosexual)
Ti si peder! (You are gay) or You look peder in those pants!
by JamesEzrin November 29, 2007
Short for PEDERast. Used as an insult, and not literally.
Don't listen to that peder, dude!
by not a peder March 29, 2005
slang or short form of pedephile

pronounced "ped-er" not "pee-der"
shit that guy looks like a peder
by B__dizzle June 21, 2006
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