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A farm worker, usually poor. The most common type of person in a pre-industrial society (usually 66 to 95%), and of the lowest class.

Peasants were/are typically small farmers, tenant farmers, sharecroppers, farmhands, and laborers and invariably rural, living in villages and tending land which is practically theirs but officially belongs to the wealthy.

Usually an insult for dirty, uncouth, unsophisticated people of low status.

Peasants stereotypically have virtually no education, nonexistent hygiene, are conservative, and have almost no rights, despite that their work requires careful planning and that they are not averse to protests.
The peasant woman, her three daughters, and her husband's many kinswomen tended the garden and the livestock while their menfolk toiled in the fields. They had little option but either work until their backs gave out or starve, plus they had to pay heavy taxes for the rich.
by Lorelili November 07, 2010
A lesser being worthy of little to no human rights.
The personification of severely pathetic; an amateur of the utmost degree.
Though the words' origins are rooted in economic status, the current economic correlation to an individual's peasantry is indirect. Granted, 21st Century peasants do frequently carry the inadmirable traits of medieval peasants including offensive hygiene, alarming stupidity, and physical characteristics befitting of ridicule. Unfortunately, these essentially nonessential creatures can be found in most walks of life.
Jesus Quintana: These fucking peasants think they can come to our territory and run shit? I am going to fuck each and every one of them in the ass.
Jose Contreras: Jesus...
Quintana: 'Ju said it man, nobody fucks with the Jesus. (storms out)
Bruce Lee: (walks up) Where the fuck did he come from?
by benny b from the bronx August 21, 2007
What Greg be callin cats on The Real World Hollywood.
Sit down and stop crying Dave, you peasant.

William, you peasant, how come we can't be cool?
by Greg Rocks May 29, 2008
Not me, you
I am the head bitch, bow down peasants.
by headbitch September 30, 2012
An insult for one who is ignorant, uncouth, rude and rustic, with insinuations of poor personal hygiene.
From now on, you peasants are dead to me!
by Nature's Great Mistake February 22, 2007
Lowest class, the serfs.
*burninates peasants*
by Gumba Gumba April 10, 2004
A serf with the freedom of choice to work or die of starvation.
The peasantry has been replaced by the working classes and shit welfare systems.
by kung-fu jesus September 18, 2004